William Haseltine

Chairman and President of ACCESS Health International

Li Jin

Executive Vice President in Fudan University Director of Human Phenome Institute

Mei Tian

Vice President of ZAST, Director of Key Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Zhejiang Province


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Viela Bio

Kenneth Carter,PH.D.

Senior VP of Innoforce Pharmaceuticals

Jonathan Wang,PH.D.

Venture Partner

Guo-Liang Yu,PH.D.

Chairman of Innoforce Pharmaceuticals
Founder of BioInnovation Summit

Yuwen Liu

GP of Bohe Angel Fund

Shou-Bai Chao,PH.D.

COO of CanSino

Min Wang

Professor at CAFA

Yuling Li,PH.D.

CEO of Innoforce Pharmaceuticals

Shuyan Wang

Founder of Functional Medicine Doctor Network

Yingfei Wei,PH.D.

CSO of Innoforce Pharmaceuticals

Changqing Li,PH.D.

Vice President, PAREXEL International

Xiaobin Zhao,PH.D.

Founder and CEO of The WhiteOak Group

Xin Du,PH.D.

CEO of EverGreen Therapeutics

David Chen,PH.D.

CEO of

Ruoyi Zhou,PH.D.

Director of IBM Research – Ireland

Gang Wang,PH.D.

Senior VP & CQO of Junshi Biosciences

Xiaomin Liang


Dr.Wang Li

Researcher of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology

Zaiping Jing

Senior Consultation Surgeon and Professor of Vascular Surgery

David Yu

CEO of Klevahealth

Bernie Siu,MD

Chief Medical Officer of KlevaHealth

Yangzhou Wang Ph.D.

CEO of Analytical Biosciences Inc.

Dr. Jingyu Luan

Regulatory Affairs Director AstraZeneca

Chengbin Wu

Founder and CEO of EpimAb Biotherapeutics

Zhenhua Wu

Chairman & CEO of ExegenesisBio

Weiwu He

Chairman of CASI

Ruyi He,PH.D.

Former Chief Scientist at the Center for Drug Evaluation at the NMPA

Huaqiong Shen,PH.D.

CEO of I-Mab Biopharma

Jinhua (Jim) Lu, Ph.D.

CSO of TriArm Therapeutics

Su Xiao

Founder and Managing Partner of ANLONG Fund

Lin Wu

VP of Roche Diagnostics

Allen Guo

Business Development Leader, Greater China Pharma Service, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Shuyong Qin

Secretary General of the Shoulder Action Education Foundation

Charles Nicolette

Stewart Abbot

Scott Carmer

Victor Shi

Managing Partner of Serica Partners

Chunlin Zhao

Founder and Managing Partner of ANLONG Fund

Karen Liu

Managing Partner

Shuyuan Yao

VP of Operation, WuXi AppTec General Manager of WuXi ATU Co., Ltd

Jing Liu

Sales Application Leader of Bioprocess, Cytiva


Co-CEO of WuXi AppTec

Zhenhong Li

VP of Cell and Gene Therapy, Innoforce

Philip Vanek

CTO at Gamma Biosciences

James Miskin

CTO of Oxford Biomedica

Li Zhu

Chief Strategy Officer of GenScript

Gabor Somlyai

Founder of HYD Ltd. for Research and Development

Steve Yang/Qing Yang

Co-CEO of WuXi AppTec

Kevin Xie

ED and member of the executive committee of China Renaissance MD and head of the healthcare advisory

Andrew Chen

Managing partner of the Shanghai office of Arnold & Porter LLP

Yan Hua

Manager of national senior health

Alex Zhavoronkov

Founder & CEO of Insilico Medicine

Hann Pang

VP of Commercial Operations, Thermo Fisher China

Yiyi Wei

the United Nations "Peace Medal for peace keeping operations" awarder

Tony Acciarito

President of Thermo Fisher Scientific China

Ruilin Song

Chairman of PhIRDA


Keynote Presentation

VENUE:Hangzhou International Expo Center

Parallel Session

VENUE:Hangzhou International Expo Center
Agenda:Three Parallel Sessions(Session A-Session B-Session C)

2020 BioInnovation Summit · Agenda


BioInnovation Summit uses “From China, For the World" as core concept. It focuses on biomedical related fields, grasps and promotes scientific research innovation and industrial development in the global biomedical field. We aim at building a platform for dialogues with the world's top experts in the field of medical and health. It will gather global wisdom, deeply explore the efficient path of global cooperation, bridge the world's top capital, and transform the most cutting-edge scientific research achievements of life sciences into safe & effective biological drugs, which will benefit the health of all mankind.
The first BioInnovation Summit was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center, Zhejiang Province from October 28 to 29, 2019. Michael Rosbash, the 2017 Nobel laureate, and several academicians of Chinese and American Academy of Sciences delivered keynote speeches.
Affected by the epidemic situation, the forum will be held in Hangzhou from November 14 to 15, 2020 in the form of "offline forum + live broadcast", lasting for two days.
The venue of the offline forum is Hangzhou International Expo Center (No. 353, Benjing Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province).
Offline forum traffic navigation destination: Hangzhou International Expo Center The destination is about 1.7 km away from Qianjiang Century City Station of Hangzhou Metro Line 2. We recommend taking a taxi. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is about 21 kilometers to the destination, and the taxi cost is about 80 yuan;
The distance from Hangzhou east railway station to the destination is about 10 kilometers, and the taxi cost is about 45 yuan;
The distance from Hangzhou south railway station to the destination is about 12 kilometers, and the taxi cost is about 40 yuan;
The distance from Hangzhou railway station to the destination is about 9 kilometers, and the taxi cost is about 30 yuan.
Keynote Presentation:
“Public Health – Fighting Against Global Pandemics”
“Role of Biotechnology in Public Health – Prevention, Detection, and Treatment of the Infectious Diseases”
Parallel Session:
“The Power of IT+BT – The Fusion of the Technology and Clinical Applications”
“Falling in Love with The Amazing Journey from 0 to 1”
“The Breakthrough of Gene Therapy and Cell Therapy in New Drug Development”
“US – China FDA Regulatory Pathways, Presented by the FDA Expert Club”
“Antibody Technology in New Drug Development”
“The Third Academic Forum on How to Achieve Quantified Health and Accurate Detection”
The second 2020 Innoforce Summit consists of a keynote presentation, six sub presentations and a number of high specification activities.
The Keynote presentation will be held in the morning of November 14 (Saturday), and the theme activities will be held in the afternoon. Three parallel sub presentation will be set up on November 15 (Sunday). Please refer to the agenda for details.
Other activities:
On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of BayHelix, BioInnovation, together with the BayHelix Group and DANDANGZHE FOUNDATION, will hold a public welfare hiking activity on November 13 (Friday), " Entering into BayHelix 20th year with the welfare steps, looking forward for development in the future ".
The forum is mainly in Chinese and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided as appropriate.
Please click on ‘Join’ on the top of this website and enter your email. A link will be sent to your mailbox for registration.
How to book the contract hotel?
1. Hangzhou International Expo Centre Beichen Hotel
Address: Hangzhou International Expo Center
Contract price: 680 yuan / room
Booking link:
2. Jinma Hotel
Address: No.218, Tonghui Middle Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Contract price:
Block A: 360 ¥ / standard or single room (Area: 36 square meters)
Block B: 400 ¥ / standard room, 420 ¥ / single room (Area: 42 square meters)
Booking contact: Manager Jin
Tel: 13967199699